Sunday, September 11, 2005

Malaysian Pan Cake "apam balik"

Malaysian pan cake or locally called "apam balik" is one of most popular cake in Malaysia. It taste sweet and delicious. It normally sold in local market. Its made by mixing wheat flour with 1/4 amount of sugar, egg (1 egg for 2 glass of flour), a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and 3/4 of water. You can put a pinch of yellow coloring (optional) to make it more colorful. Mix the mixture well. Its ready to cook. A portion of the mixture (about 5-8 big spoonful) you can place it in a hot pan normally in round form. On top of the cake you can put extra flavor such as sweet corn, sugar, grounded peanut and a little bit of butter or whatever you want. You normally can guest whether the pan cake is ready or not. When it is, then you flip one half part to the half making in half circle. Then your pan cake is ready to be eaten. Its amazingly delicious.

The picture below shows the apam balik. The left show the topping while the right is when it is flip over and eaten as it is. You have to eat it while it is hot or you will the crispiness of the apam balik. It taste much better than it look. This apam balik was bought from local daily market. Only RM0.50 cent. About 0.15 cent USD or 9 pence for UK pound.

I would to add something about bamboo.

Bamboo is not wood. It normally grow in clump. This type of bamboo is sympodial type. Some bamboo grow individually and this type is monopodial. Bamboo stem is normally called culm. The culm comprise of nodes and internode. The center of bamboo in hollow. The wall of the culm depend on species of bamboo. Some culm are thick and some are very thin. The utilization of bamboo for product depend on this thickness. The thicker the bamboo culm the stronger is the bamboo. The outer part of the culm normally green in colour when fresh and turn to yellow dry. Some species however naturally yellow in colour. Some are black in colour and combination of other colours. Picture below shows yellow bamboo culm with green stripe.


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