Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bamboo vinegar

Bamboo vinegar is produce normally by heating fresh bamboo at about 200 Âșc without the presence of oxygen. At this stage it normally called pyrolosis. Water presence in bamboo will be evaporated. The water is collected by condensation. This liquid collected is called bamboo vinegar. It is very important to make sure bamboo use is of good quality and under controlled temperature.Bamboo vinegar need to be store and refine. The longer the storage the better it is.

Bamboo vinegar is not really sour as its name is. It is more of smoke smell. However study showed that the pH is about 2.5-3.0. It is very popular in Asian country such as Japan, Korea and China. It is highly demanded and normally use for medical purposes. Bamboo vinegar could be freeze dry to form powder. The bamboo powder is used for detoxification. If you happen to see product for detoxification and normally used as foot patch then it is most likely is from bamboo vinegar.

The image that you see is not bamboo vinegar. It is a lizard. This lizard always come over to my house for food. Very shy. I tried to catch it but it just to fast. The lizard stay in nearby lake feeding on fish in the lake. It just come over to my house for fun, I guest. Enjoy your visit.


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Dear sir
In the ancient, rice farmer for dehumidify rice use wood or slough smoke.and this rice after whiten and cooking had very pleassure taste and aroma.and can't be agression by weevil.
Dear sir ,can i bamboo vinegar about this procedure? if yes,how?

Best regards.

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